TimeTracker plasmoid - Advanced usage


remove all
remove all tasks
done all
mark all tasks as done
mark current task as done
report time of current task to redmine
/new title
rename task to "new title"

Title components: digits - parsed as redmine ticket number @tag - your activity

Example of task title: "13500 @review" - means ticket id = 13500, activity = review In advanced configuration you can assign additional url parameters for reporting time for different activities.

Advanced configuration example

Additional url parameters to report time for activities (redmine related, adds comment RD for @RD activity and set redmine activity to id=11 for @review):

report review = time_entry[activity_id]=11
report RD = time_entry[comments]=RD

Alias to activity (r to review, rd to RD):

activity r = review
activity rd = RD